Ready to share your book with the world? It's time you learn how to #PublishForward!

1. You've written a book to be read, now let's share it with the world!

Now that your book is finished (or almost finished) how do you turn it into a best seller? 

We all have friends who have written books that never see the light of day. The impact your book makes upon society depends on what you do next.

Consider that your book will either go into the free giveaway pile for friends and family or alongside influencers as a best-sellerwhich do you want?

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2. Is the #publishforward track right for you?

There are two tracks for writing and publishing a book.  The first track: "Writing the book" and the second track: "publishing the book."  Each track has its own strategy for success.  

If you have a book in you dying to come out visit our #writeforward track.

Is your book already written or almost finished? Then it's time to create the platform to sell it!

Is your book already printed or self-published? Is it on Amazon books? When you type the name of your book into Google does a link to buy your book appear? How is it selling? Do you find yourself giving your book away to friends and family with the hope they'll tell others and you'll sell it through referrals? 

If you find yourself frustrated over the process of "how to promote and sell" and "how to expand awareness" of your book this course is for you. 


3. Live group coaching provides the skillsets and accountability you need to succeed.

This course is an intensive group coaching experience designed to provide you with the mindset, the 5-moves to a successful book launch, step-by-step training, tools, support, and accountability you need to successfully launch your book.

Space is Limited

Because of the coaching nature of this course, we only offer this exclusive program to a limited number of authors. 

New classes start Wednesday, June 29th, 2022.

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Here's What You'll Learn in #PublishForward:

Your Book's
Roadmap to Success 

Do you know the strategies and systems needed to create a successful book launch? In our first lesson, we'll look at common mistakes and walk you through the 5-moves and mindset necessary for a successful book launch.

Identify & Reach 
Your Target Market

Next, it's time to identify your audience and put in motion the content system needed to build your email list and engage with your audience.  We'll teach you how to write key messages to grow your reader base (and testimonials).

Develop Your
Book's Brand Identity 

Learn how to design your own book brand! We'll walk you through the steps of developing an eye-catching bio page, including messaging fonts, brand colors, and patterns. You're almost ready to share your book with the world! 

Let's Create the Back-End System for Success 

Creating a system that ties your branding, marketing, messaging, social media, and offers together brings you one step closer to a successful launch. Don't worry will build it step-by-step with you. It's not difficult, especially because we know how to do it, with ease! 

Create Your
Unique Book Offer

Now that we have almost all the pieces in place, it's time to create your special offer(s), email series, and move your book(s). Together, we will build your online presence and offer that sell your books. And, create cool things you can give away with your book!  

Create an Epic 5 to 7
$$ Figure Launch

It's time to put your launch structure in place. We teach you how to get partners to promote your book launch. You'll learn the shipping and follow-up system that will ensure your readers engage, write reviews, and return to read your next book!

Choose Your Track:

#writeforward or #publishforward

#WriteForward Course


or 3 payments of $129.00

  • Learn how to use your unique voice while you write
  • Cultivate a writers mindset needed to complete your book 
  • Learn how to build your email list and followers while you write
  • Learn how to choose editing tools and freelance help for editing  
  • 10 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Weekly Assignments 
  • Miss a class? No worries, sessions are recorded
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#PublishForward Course


or 3 payments of $129.00

  • Learn how to build your target audience
  • Learn how to brand your name and book
  • Learn how to develop your promotional and email platform
  • Learn how to create and automate high converting social media content
  • Learn how to get partners for a high converting book launch
  • 10 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Weekly Assignments 
  • Sessions are recorded
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Private Coaching Sessions

per package

Per 12 lessons

  • 12 Customized Private Sessions
  • Personalized step-by-step guidance from marketing to LAUNCH
  • Personalized instruction to build your target audience
  • Personalized  development of your promotional and email platform
  • Personalized automation of high converting social media content
  • Partner collaboration for the book launch
  • Weekly Assignments 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Your Instructors

Hadas Jacobson

Entrepreneur / Marketing Expert / Author / Course Creator

At age 23, Hadas was the President and CEO of two international companies and a marketing company with several start-up inventions.

Today, Hadas is an expert in online educational development, a best-selling author, and an international speaker.

She is also an expert in ideological warfare, serves on several organizational steering committees, and two think tanks.  

Hadas has been writing,  editing, and publishing books for over thirty years.  She has worked with both publishers and self-publishing platforms and, she will instruct you on how to become a best-selling author! 

#growforward #publishfoward #writeforward

Sarah Staub

Entrepreneur / Marketing Expert / Graphic Designer / Social Media Growth Strategist / Course Creator

Founder and CEO of Olive Tree Works, Inc. and Olive Tree Academy, Sarah lives to help start-ups, established businesses and organizations create strategic growth through the use of influential branding coupled with simple, user-friendly marketing methods and media tools that transform their online presence and client engagement.

Sarah is an expert in Social Media Marketing and the creator of the super-selling Social Media Bootcamp Course.  
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